About Us

Community Economics was created in 1976 to provide technical expertise in the emerging field of nonprofit affordable housing development and community-based economic development. Through direct technical assistance to nonprofit developers, and as leaders in local, state, and national housing policy issues, CEI has been at the forefront of the affordable housing movement, developing creative solutions and resources to meet the housing needs of low-income households.

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CEI is expert in all aspects of financing affordable rental housing. Since 1987, CEI has developed a particular expertise in the use of the federal and California state low-income housing tax credit programs. CEI has assisted nonprofit sponsors in the production of more than 50,000 affordable homes in more than 800 developments in California, Washington, Hawaii and other locations.

CEI works with clients from the earliest conceptual stages of development through the completion of construction and commencement of operations. Through this project-specific technical assistance, customized trainings, and long-term relationships with clients, CEI enhances the capacity of the nonprofit housing development community.

This grounding in the technical details of development has strengthened CEI’s ability to influence affordable housing policy on the local, state and national levels. CEI staff are regularly consulted by policymakers on legislation, and serve on the boards of California’s major advocacy organizations such as Housing California, Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California, and California Coalition for Rural Housing.