Mosaic Garden at Friendly Acres Apartments

Redwood City, CA   
MidPen Housing

“They’re so happy, they’re so glad [to have] a community room [and] have their units renovated.” — Rosemarie Caberto, MidPen community manager for Mosaic Garden at Friendly Acres

Year Completed/Renovated: 2020

Number of Units: 55

Residents: Special needs

Financial Partners: San Mateo County Department of Housing, City of Redwood City, California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, Housing Authority of County of San Mateo, Federal Home Loan Bank Affordable Housing Program, Silicon Valley Bank, National Equity Fund, California Community Reinvestment Corporation

Originally called Atherton Court, the aptly named Mosaic Garden at Friendly Acres Apartments caters to couples and small families who work along the San Francisco Peninsula. 

In 2016, San Mateo County, under their recently created Affordable Rental Acquisition and Preservation Program, lent $5.8 million to MidPen Housing to purchase, renovate, and upgrade the apartments into permanent affordable housing units. With funding in place, MidPen broke ground in 2018, working to repair or replace interiors, siding, windows, doors, and roofs. Next came upgraded amenities, improved utilities, new solar panels, and a new community room. The two-story garden-style complex also added two landscaped courtyards, new carports, and laundry facilities. 

The completed property, which was first built in the 1960s, allows long-time residents to remain in their units without worrying about increasing rent or deteriorating conditions. Additionally, MidPen reserved 27 units for those previously experiencing homelessness. At completion, San Mateo County called it one of their largest efforts to maintain the availability of affordable housing.